• Eyal Pinko

Maritime Cyber: Threats and Challenges

The world of shipping and maritime transportation has experienced a major transformation in recent years, and with the growth in connectivity, communication, digitization, automation and integration of information systems and logistics systems of the sea-ports, vessels and the shipping companies.

The technological transformation of the vessels and the sea-ports is occurring simultaneously with major upward trends in the quantity of maritime cargo transportation and the increasing number of vessels and the size of them.

This is as a result of globalization processes and the growth in global trade and the global economy, the increasing demand for energy, and the growth in economic activity in exclusive economic zones (EEZ) all over the world.

Cyber attackers view the seaports and the shipping companies as quality targets, because of the amount of information they possess, the high turnover in the industry and the technological vulnerability of the systems. Cyber attackers see high value in attacking the maritime industry.

The goals of cyber-attacks on the maritime industry and on the maritime assets and infrastructure might be financial profits, influence on public opinion, reputation damage, political gain or for military purposes, such as disrupt or shut down nation's critical assets as part of hybrid warfare strategy.

This paper will describe the threats and challenges on the maritime industry. Find the full text below.

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