• Eyal Pinko

An Iranian Cyber-Attack on the Israel Electricity Company (IEC)?

After attacking the water system in Israel, did the Iranians attack the electricity?

On the night between October 29 and October 30, there were power outages in Israel's several cities. As of 01:00 at night, power outages recorded in Jerusalem, Ashdod, Ramat Gan, Givatayim, Rishon Lezion, Herzliya, Daliyat al-Carmel, Hod Hasharon, Kfar Saba, Or Yehuda, Shoham, and many other cities. At Ayalon lanes, a major road in the Tel-Aviv area, the lights went out, and the traffic light systems stopped operating.

Following the malfunction, the IEC's 103 hotlines and website also shut down.

In most areas, electricity returned to operation within about half an hour.

The IEC hotline representative clarified that this was a technical malfunction in the production units, which upset the balance between electricity production and its transmission and the load on electricity consumption.

During the night, theories and speculations began to emerge that the shutdown of the Israeli electricity system resulted from an Iranian cyber-attack, similar to the Iranian attacks on the water system in Israel that took place last May.

In response, the IEC vice president tweeted on his Twitter account that

"Power outages at night are not related to a cyber-attack. point".

The Israeli National Cyber Directorate (INCD) also confirmed that:

"The power outages tonight are not a cyber attack."

The power outage in Israel comes several days after information leaked from the Shahid Rajaee Iranian port computer network. A successful cyber-attack last May shut down the entire Iranian port for several days. According to American journalist sources and Iranian officials estimations, the cyber-attack on the Iranian port was carried out by Israel and in response to the Iranian cyber-attack on Israel's water system several days earlier (Israel didn't comment on that). The information leaked from the Iranian port's computer network is probably the result of the May cyber-attack.

The Israeli public probably won't know the truth about the reasons that led to the power outage and if it was due to an Iranian cyber-attack. However, Iran probably has the tools and capabilities to cyber-attack Israel's electricity infrastructure on the one hand, and on the other hand, Iran is highly motivated to do so.

Cyber ​​disrupts and disables companies, critical infrastructure, and countries. Hackers, especially those operating in the service of terrorist organizations and nation-states, have clear motivations to hit their targets remotely and quietly, without being discovered, and to wreak havoc and panic. In this way, state, economic, and military achievements can be achieved remotely and without casualties alongside the attacker.

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